About Us

The demands of the world for power are evolving!

The world needs critical technological solutions and infrastructure structures to meet the growing demands. Factories, schools, and hospitals are a few places people's life depends on every day. Companies and businesses need reliable power management to meet the challenges and keep the spaces well-lit.

At Impulse Lighting, we are committed to providing the best lighting solutions to improve the lives of people and the environment through our high-quality lighting products. For nine years, we have been working towards our goal of creating lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and can impact lives.

We are known for our exceptional quality of residential and commercial lighting products. Our energy-efficient lighting products offer lighting excellence that you can’t get from low-quality fluorescent lights. We design lighting products that let our clients manage electrical power reliably, sustainably, and safely.

At Impulse Lighting, we offer lighting products that use power efficiently. Our comprehensively designed lighting solutions aim to impact communities and businesses. We work with a dedicated team passionate about delivering manufacturing excellence and providing innovative lighting products to make customer's life easy.

Our wide range of product mix is used in commercial properties, industries, homes, and streets. The cost-effective LED lights protect people's assets while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

We understand that people have a variety of options in buying lights. However, Impulse Lighting sets itself apart by inculcating four principles in its approach;

  • Integrity

We maintain a high degree of credibility and trust with all our customers and partners by keeping our promises. We provide what our customers expect from us. We encourage constructive and open communication with our customers.

  • Growth

We believe in individual growth to drive the company’s growth. The evolving technology in the lighting market catalyzes our innovative lighting products.

  • Customer Focus

We strive to create solutions to meet our customers' needs, which exceeds their expectations. Our exceptional service is our forte.

  • Performance

We constantly review our performance and the success of the products we make. It helps us come up with better lighting solutions for our customers.